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Morocco has become in the last decades a country of transit and settlement due to its geographical proximity to Europe and strategic positioning north-west of Africa, across the Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean. To explore the dynamics of irregular F2F migrant labour and their effects on migrants’ human dignity and economic resilience, two case studies have been selected for examination. The first one will be conducted in the farms of the Souss Massa region, which is located in the middle of the Atlantic coastline and is considered the gate towards Moroccan Sub Saharan territories. Interest will be addressed to irregular sub-Saharan and local migrant seasonal workers. The second case study will explore the work and life conditions of Moroccan seasonal returnees who work as fruit pickers in France. A comparative analysis of the livelihoods of irregular migrant workers will provide us with a better understanding of the conditions that contribute to the thrive of exploitative irregular/ precarious migrant labor in EU and ACs.

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