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UA has a dynamic migration profile. Before the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, almost 3 million Ukrainians were working abroad. Many people have migrated in an regulated way, many others have resorted to unsafe migration practices, especially during COVID-19. More than 40% of Ukrainians were employed unofficially. The war in UA has caused a new emigration wave, whose representatives have a regular status, but are often forced to work unofficially or on short-term contracts, without decent working conditions, in particular in the agricultural sector of Poland. Now over 5M Ukrainians with the TP status are registered in Europe. UA is also a country of immigration. In 2021, more than 440K migrants regularly stayed in Ukraine, fulfilling their main migration goal. Their countries of origin were India, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia. But the number IM was also significant and varied from 38K to 61K. They didn’t have access to official employment, but almost half of them would like to regularize their status. Many IM find work in food delivery, as applicants for these positions aren’t asked for a residence or employment permit. It’s necessary to develop a reliable national policy and administrative framework that will maximize the benefits of well-organized labor migration, strengthen measures to protect Ukrainian citizens abroad and foreign migrants in UA.

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