FIERI – Forum Internazionale ed Europeo di Ricerche sull’Immigrazione


FIERI is an independent research institute on migration, mobility and integration. Since its foundation in 2001, it is strongly committed to a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the study of the social and political transformations associated with growing population mobility and cultural diversity. FIERI adopts a comprehensive view of those changes which goes beyond an exclusive focus on migrants and their descendants and considers instead the whole society and local communities as transformed by migration and mobility. FIERI has coordinated or been a partner in several EU-funded projects and it is actively engaged in European and international networks. At the same time, it is deeply rooted in the Italian context through constant and proactive interactions with policy, media and civil society actors. Working often at the boundary between research and policymaking, FIERI has an established and specific research expertise on labour migration and socio-economic integration of migrant workers.

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