Photographic exhibition by Mauro Raffini “RIDERS…they whiz by fast…”

Photographic exhibition by Mauro Raffini “RIDERS…they whiz by fast…”

Of note is the photographic exhibition “RIDERS…SFRECCIANO VIA VELOCI..” by Mauro Raffini on the reality of migrant workers employed in home deliveries in European cities.

“Every delivery, every path, is a bridge between different worlds, a visible trace of the dialogue between cultures. They are not only carriers of goods but also of stories, of identities. Every road they travel, rain or shine, every delivery they make, tells a silent but powerful narrative of adaptation, resistance and aspiration.”

Friday 3 November at 6.00pm
Migrant Pastoral Office
Via Cottolengo, 22 – Turin

The exhibition is created with the contribution of the Confraternity of San Rocco – Turin and in collaboration with A.M.M.I. – Multiethnic Association of Intercultural Mediators – Turin, Emmanuel Foundation – Don Francesco Tarantini for Migrations and the South of the World – Lecce and FIERI.

The exhibition will remain open until the end of December at the following times: Mon/Fri. h: 8.30/13.00 – 14.00/15.00

The exhibition participates in the European DignityFIRM project.

For the Italian version, click here.

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